Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New - Picture Series - Trve Back Metal - 2011

A new line of pictures heavily influenced by metal music (for obvious reasons). I took them at GMM2011. This collection will be an ongoing series that will result in several big photo installations.

The Jackets are items of worship for the people wearing them, they literally wear their pride on their sleeves. The 'back patch' is usually the band they are most into, surrounded by the other smaller patches, of related bands. A lot of work goes into these worship objects, and it fascinates me how carefully they are thought out, and crafted. It reminds me of how I would work on a drawing, sculpture, or my own jacket.

I am currently looking for funds to have them printed professionally and the first installment will (probably) be on display at the VONK exhibition later this year in combination with several other works regarding this theme. 

More info on this soon.

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