Monday, August 27, 2012

Thoughts from the Basement..

Preparations are on the way for the 1st exhibition of this series 
and the second Manifesta related one.

No Movement - CCMuze Zolder
1st of september, 20u
(A one room expo with all the good stuff, the underground has to offer)

One new installation called
"White Metal Series - Vol. 4 - As is Above, so is Below"

accompanied by the 
"DMND/HD" drawing series.

The Printpack 
('The Degradation of Human Form' contains four 'RCK' screenprints, a dvd copie of the '..Molar' video, and a drawing (cover), 'The Salvation of Salome (Antidote for Mankind). An edition of 10)
 that is part of the drawing series 
will be for sale at the venue.

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