Friday, May 13, 2011

Expo - SOUSVOIR - 14/15, 21/22, 28/29 May, Hoegaarden

The Sousvoir exhibition opened today, and will be running for the next three week-ends. The works on display are two new installations, the first: "Heliantus Annuus - Drone Field Repetition" (2011) is a big room filling work that includes sculpture, objects, sound and light.

The second one: "White Metal Series / Icon one -  Excavation of Modern Tirany" (2011), is a light installation mounted on the chapel wall. The work consists of a series of fluorescent lights that make up one big triangular figure and is the first in a series of this kind of work.

Do to technical problems, the video: "Guardian of Misanthropy (That Unbearable Sight)" will not be on display. The overlapping title that embodies the two works as a whole is "Haunting the Chapel, and gives away one of the influences that were incorporated into the installations.

Pictures coming soon.

Pic: Guardian of Misanthropy (That Unbearable Sight) 2011 / film still

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